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Walks & Hiking ..... from our doorstep

Walks & Hiking

The abundant nature of the islands can best be explored by foot. With Morne Seychellois on our doorstep, guests have easy access to the main trails. We'll pack a hiking hamper for you (extra charge) should you want so that you can spend a little time enjoying the spectacular views before making your descent.

As the most famous and largest of the Nature reserves in Seychelles, Morne Seychellois Park covers a surface area equating to more than 20% of the area of Mahe and provides an extensive trail network covering more than 15km most of which starts in Sans Souci. Morne Seychellois is the highest peak in Seychelles.

Of the twelve endemic land birds of the granitics, seven are to be found on Mahe. These include the Seychelles Scops-owl, one of the most elusive species of all. Its stronghold is the Morne Seychellois National Park and it can often be heard around dusk at various locations along the Sans Souci road which is also where The Station is located. The Seychelles Kestrel, Blue Pigeon and Sunbird are common sights in our gardens which makes The Station an ideal resting place for bird lovers. 

Glacis Trois Freres

This trail starts within a stone's throw of The Station. From the first easy-to-walk viewpoint, the trail offers magnificent views of Victoria, the new port, Sainte Anne, Moyenne, Long, Eden Island, the airport, Ile au Cerf and other distant easterly islands in the archipelago. The last few hundred meters of the trail passes over granitic rocks with handrails or steps making the climb easier. From a platform perched atop the sheer cliff of Morne Blanc, one gets to enjoy more easterly vistas. Here the mountain forest terrain is home to many of Seychelles' endemic birds such as the Seychelles bulbul, swiflet and sunbird, the world's smallest frog and the interesting pitcher plant.

Val Riche Copolia

Described as one of the best and easily accessible areas to see most of the specialized glacis flora at intermediate altitude in the Seychelles, the Val Riche-Copolia trail has an exceptionally high biodiversity with a very rich collection of endemic species. This fairly shaded trail passes through the forests of the Morne Seychellois National Park. The granite summit of Copolia provides spectacular views and definitely warrants a picnic !

Mission Lodge

With its mesmerizing views, the historic Mission Lodge is arguably the most famous vantage point in Seychelles. Although there are only a few ruins left this was the home of liberated slave children who were schooled there by missionaries. There is an open-air pavilion that will shelter you from the sun or rain from where the lookout to the surrounding forests and beaches on the south of Mahe are breathtaking. The Mission is a manageable and highly recommended walk from The Station which takes you up through the tropical forests of the Sans Souci pass. We'd suggest a quick detour to the smaller view-point overlooking the Val Riche dam minutes from The Station.

Morne Blanc

Passing through an old tea plantation affording views over the surrounding hills towards the sea and nearby islands, the trail starts within a few minutes drive (or a couple of bus stops) from directly outside The Station. Parking is available just next to the Tea Factory. The path leads one through mist forests to the top of the mountain from where panoramic views of the western seaboard will be your reward. Lichen, mosses and ferns cover most of the rocks along the trail and jackfruit trees line the path upwards to the mountain with Vacoa, Capucin and Latanier being encountered higher up in the trail.

Foret Noire walk to Mont Fleuri / Victoria

Foret Noire is a short road that soon turns into a foot path and takes you downhill to Mont Fleuri road where you'll find the Botanical Gardens. From Mont Fleuri, it is a 10 minutes walk along a flat road into the centre of Victoria. We recommend this walk early morning should you wish to visit the Victoria Market or if you intend to spend some time walking around our small capital. It is an ideal way to discover how the locals live.


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