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About Us

About Us

About Us

A landmark, formerly the old Feba Radio Station, The Station Seychelles has been lovingly transformed into an inviting, relaxed space in which to easily switch off and change gears.

The ever-present panoramic sea and mountain views are constant reminders that our environment demands protection.

The Station Seychelles is an exemplary model of reducing, recycling and reusing.

All rooms are naturally ventilated with quiet, efficient overhead fans to reduce the impact on the environment of our small and delicate island. We heat our water with solar energy and collect and distribute rainwater for our gardens and for refilling the pool.

We use structured water throughout the estate to ensure that our people, animals and plants receive as much dynamic oxygenation in the water supply as possible.

The Station valley garden produces as much fresh fruit and vegetables as we can and we manage our insect and pest control in an ecological manner without any systematic invasive chemical poisoning on the estate.

We reuse all packaging from our offices, kitchen, factory and shop for internal use and use recycled or recyclable packaging materials wherever possible. 


Our commitment to the community is reflected in a number of ways, some of which have been ongoing for many years:

  • We employ local personnel wherever possible.
  • We offer a free natural health service through our homeopathic clinic to the less fortunate to encourage vibrant health in the community and to promote a shift to a more responsible lifestyle.
  • We subsidize our community to enable affordable participation in our workshops and activities.
  • We provide support to all our employees for health and wellbeing.
  • We hold conscious living workshops designed to support sound and achievable principles of living in a sustainable community.

Some other initiative on our schedule (2016-2020):

  • Waste Management activities to educate the community in methods to transform waste into organic compost.
  • Training the neighbors to grow organically.
  • Bee keeping project to increase the bee population in Seychelles and teaching children to grow flowers.
  • Introducing Acquaponic and Permaculture systems to increase self-sufficiency.
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