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Sun & Sea ..... water, water everywhere

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Sun & Sea
Sun & Sea ..... water, water everywhere

 Sun & Sea

One of the Seychelles' most defining aspects is that the sea is omnipresent. It is therefore highly recommended that you make the most of all that it offers around the island. Our waters are warm, clean & inviting so get ready for a feast of sun and sea and more.


Mahe boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. This said, it is advisable to stay in a central place from where you can explore many of them. Being at the heart of the island, The Station is naturally an ideal place from which to do this with the added advantage of being able to return 'home' to the cool mountain air at the end of the day.

Most guests in Seychelles hire a car for the purpose of having the freedom to see as much as possible, even if staying directly on the beach. There are many different beaches, from small secluded coves to wider open bays to discover. Depending on your length of stay we would recommend quite a few of the more special beaches in areas which also provide further sight-seeing and we'll guide you once you arrive.

If you don't wish to hire a car while in Seychelles, an affordable, adventurous way to get to any beach would be to use the local bus service, hopping off and on as you fancy. One of the most beautiful beaches is a short bus ride from outside The Station directly to Port Launay Marine Park with a few adjacent coves within a short walk from the main beach.


The Ephelia Resort at Port Launay and some of the beach resorts at the more touristic beaches like Beau Vallon offers various watersport facilities and activities. We can arrange scuba diving on your behalf, for all levels. Let us know in advance if you're considering this. For sailing please go Sailing.



Hiring a fishing boat is possible with proper notice. We rely on a few dependable boat owners. Costs vary according to size and level of luxury.


We can book snorkeling excursions in the Marine Park on your behalf either individually (with private owner) or as group excursion with one of the main tour operators. The jetty at the Marine Charter is 10 minutes from The Station, depending on traffic. Almost all beaches have good snorkelling so if you're an enthusiast we recommend bringing your gear with you.

Island Hopping

The Station Seychelles is 20 minutes from the airport and 15 minutes from the ferry port. Many of our guests enjoy day excursions to Praslin and/or La Digue leaving on the early morning ferry and returning in time for dinner. Some prefer to fly. We will guide you in this regard should you be interested. If preferred we can arrange a guided excursion with one of the local tour operators who will provide comfortable transfers to and from The Station at a very reasonable cost.

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